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This is a great feature so you don't have to start building your website from scratch. The pre-built 乐竞电竞 list is so large that the lack of an idea for a new project will never be a problem again.

To facilitate their installation, we have created a very fast and intuitive installer with which you can install any selected demo in just a few seconds.

The whole process is extremely simple. All you have to do is

GO TO Betheme > Pre-built 乐竞电竞

and follow the steps during which you will be able to decide what exactly you want to install. You can choose if you want to import the complete pre-built website or maybe one of its elements like: Content, Muffin Options or Slider Revolution. The entire process takes just three steps that can be performed anyone.

The pre-built 乐竞电竞 are divided into categories in the dashboard, so that the search for the right one is even faster. However, if this is still not enough, you can always use the search.

Does media come with each demo?

Yes, indeed. All media comes with each installation. What you see on our pre-built 乐竞电竞 is exactly what you get with import.

Are all 600+ pre-built 乐竞电竞 included?

Yes, all current and future pre-built 乐竞电竞 comes with a single purchase. Please note that we add new demos every week to make your work even more enjoyable and faster.

Can I modify an imported pre-built website?

Sure, you can customize anything you like on an imported demo: content, media, settings and much more. Furthermore, each pre-built website can be customized with both Muffin Live Builder and Muffin Builder 3 .

Video Tutorial of How to install pre-built 乐竞电竞 .

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Check out other features that are so loved by our customers and maybe they will be useful for you while creating the website. All add-ons are available exclusively to Betheme users only.

650+ pre-built 乐竞电竞

Purchasing a license grants access to
all current and future demos

650+ pre-built 乐竞电竞

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All pre-built 乐竞电竞 are included in a one single theme

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