Inline shortcode

Icon bar

You can add this item with Inline Shortcode:

Default code:

																											[icon_bar icon="icon-lamp" link="" target="" size="" social=""]
Attributes Description
icon Select an icon from the list of available icons
link Link (with http://)
target Link target - (default), _blank (new tab or window), lightbox (lightbox - image or embed video)
size If you want large icon, then type large, leave field empty if you want default size
social [leave empty] - No, facebook - Facebook, google - Google, twitter - Twitter, vimeo - Vimeo, youtube - Youtube, flickr - Flickr, linkedin - LinkedIn, pinterest - Pinterest, dribbble - Dribbble

Example of this shortcode below:

																						[icon_bar icon="icon-attach" link="#" target="_blank" size="2" social="google"]

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