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September 5, 2016
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The Latest Pre-Built Websites for WordPress launched in August

New pre-built 乐竞电竞 are constantly being released that address the needs of web designers serving clients representing a wide variety of business niches and the various types of 乐竞电竞 they have a need for. Depending upon the domains of these different companies, the 乐竞电竞 they request to have built can vary widely in terms of both their visual design and their functionality.

Pre-built 乐竞电竞 have the ability to turn projects that could often be viewed as severe challenges, into relatively straightforward design tasks:

  • The actual work involved is simplified
  • Initial design concepts can be completed and presented much faster than when using wireframes
  • UX principles and logical structure are already incorporated
  • Customizing to the client’s requirements is simple, and
  • No coding is necessary


August: The Latest Pre-Built Websites Encompass the Latest Web Design Trends

乐竞电竞 constantly strives to incorporate the latest trends into newly released designs. This ensure that you, the web designer, will not have a problem in selecting a pre-built website that is an ideal choice to base your client’s website needs on. Pre-built 乐竞电竞 are currently being released on an average of once per week; and occasionally at an even faster rate.

Our August releases are presented here, but don’t hesitate to check out our July releases as well. The first of these latest 4 releases is one you might choose to take on as a personal web design project of your own .

Be eBook

image001 The Latest Pre-Built Websites for WordPress launched in August

If you are working as a freelancer, you’ve no doubt familiarized yourself various ways to create passive income . One of these ways is to promote an e-book, in which you can share your experiences and web-building advice with others.

This pre-built website will provide a solid foundation for your promotion. You can dedicate it to describing what your product offers, give your viewers the opportunity to navigate to pages of special interest, and provide much more useful information than what is typically found on a page where your e-book is but one of several products.

Be EBook is a smartly structured landing page that focuses on conveying essential information in an easily readable and digestible manner.

  • The headline clearly and simply describes what the product is about.
  • The main benefits of the product – “Why you should buy this book” –are easily incorporated.
  • The cover, and a sample of inside pages, are illustrated.
  • Table of contents and other salient features are shown or described.
  • Information about the author is included.
  • It features areas dedicated to testimonials, newsletter subscriptions, and a final call to action; plus, any other pertinent background information.

If you’ve given serious thought to publishing your own e-book, or recommend doing so to a client, there are several associated projects worth considering:


  • It can take extra time and effort, but blogging is a good way to increase website traffic. Blogging can also establish you (or your client) as an expert. Readers find blogs entertaining and enlightening, and they are receiving value for free as they read them.

Include Reviews

  • Submit copies of your e-book to other publishers or web designers, and request their reviews and comments. The best way to do this is to print a copy on demand over a secure link rather than sending out a pdf file, to avoid the possibility of your e-book being pirated, or distributed by others.

Offer Freebies

  • You can give away excerpts of your book for free, or pick several topics from the book and present them as tips. If your e-book provides good value, it will tend to be reflected in these excerpts and tips, and engage a reader’s interest. Ask past clients to testify to your expertise, and include these testimonials in your offerings.

Make a Video

  • Use social media to promote your e-book (and yourself). Talk about the takeaways of your e-book on a video, post it on YouTube, and show a link to your e-book at the end of the video. Post on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Be Lawyer2

image003 The Latest Pre-Built Websites for WordPress launched in August

Attorneys’ 乐竞电竞 can be pretty boring. After all, most of them look like other attorneys’ 乐竞电竞 . Why not suggest something different to your client, and put a spin on how his or her law office is to present itself?

Be Lawyer keeps everything serious and professional, but smooths out the one-way conversation by:

  • A judicious use of graphics
  • Attractive icons
  • Photographs and backgrounds of the law office’s team – and even a video


Be Watch

image005 The Latest Pre-Built Websites for WordPress launched in August

This August pre-built website was released to promote modern technological trends by using the most modern and up-to-date principles of visual design. Be Watch is destined for use by an online watch and smartwatch shop, and includes:

The use of large images to convey a feeling of luxury

  • Video backgrounds – an increasingly popular web design trend
  • A card like approach to simplify information search and navigation
  • A well-constructed visual hierarchy


Be Tailor

image007 The Latest Pre-Built Websites for WordPress launched in August

Our fourth and latest August release goes back to art and craft preoccupations; in this particular case, to the tailoring studio. Be Tailor can easily be customized to suit men’s or women’s apparel, vintage apparel, wedding dresses, latest fashions, and so on.

Be Tailor offers:

  • A clear, simple, and easy to customize structure
  • Pages about the company, offer and contact pages, a showcase or gallery, and a video background
  • Large images that will engage the user, together with flat icons and graphical elements


Why So Many Web Designers Love Be Theme

4 out of 210+ pre-built 乐竞电竞 would seem like a rather small sample, but these 4 should give you a good idea of what you can do for a small to medium business client (or for yourself). The concepts are well presented and modern, and the fact that these pre-built 乐竞电竞 are completely customizable, opens the door to a virtually unlimited variety of 乐竞电竞 , landing pages, blogs, etc.

Be Theme is expertly designed, it has all the right web-building features, and it is intuitively easy to use.

  • With the assistance of Be’s drag and drop Muffin Builder, you can create or edit pages in a snap.
  • The versatile Admin Panel provides all the design options you should ever have a need for.
  • The Layouts Configurator makes building a new page from a blank canvas quick work.
  • The Shortcode generators takes care to so many design details and functionalities that you will never have to resort to code.
  • Lifetime updates come with the purchase – along with first-class support.

Join the happy, ever-increasing crowd of Be Theme users. You’ll quickly understand why this WP theme rank is one of ThemeForest’s top 5 themes.

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