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September 4, 2019
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While we won’t go so far as to say “Wix sucks”, we have found arguments to prove that Wix is not the best platform to use if you want your website to look professional while spending fewer resources.

Quality aside,Wix’s pricing looks reasonable. But is it really so? Considering that there are better, more powerful alternatives that can reduce the costs involved in creating and maintaining a website, the Wix prices simply can’t be justified past a certain point.

If you’re serious about starting a new website for whatever reason, here’s how a CMS such as WordPress can replace Wix any day of the week.

Wix prices are not the only costs you should worry about


Wix is a beginner-friendly platform, which especially on the free plan, and because of this, it is limited in terms of functionalities and features. After using it to build out a website to completion, you’ll start to notice how handcuffed you really are.

Once you sign up with Wix, you might think, “All I need is a simple site, right?”But what if you’re mistaken and your needs become more complex down the line? Given the Wix prices, you probably expect to receive a ton of helpful features that help you manage your website.

Well, that isn’t always the case.

In fact, the sandbox you get to play in is quite small. You can’t expand Wix very far other than modifying how the page layout looks by dragging and dropping elements around and choosing a template that will govern the look of your site once and for all.

Now, all that is great, but if you want more out of your website — even for simple enhancements like having custom forms —you have to pay up.


Most people can quickly recognize when a website is built based on a basic template that doesn’t fully support the needs of the website. Considering how much Wix costs, it would be normal to get all the features you need to evolve your site, yet even the premium plan leaves something to be desired.

You are restricted by limited templates


Let’s expand a bit more on templates (also known as themes). Most website platforms, including WordPress, let you start off with a pre-made template, built to spec for a certain type of site.

Whether you pay the higher or lower Wix prices, or even go with the free plan, everyone has access to the exact same selection of templates. And while the templates are generally well-designed, compare the 500+ templates on Wix with the tens of thousands of themes available for WordPress, like Be Theme , for example.

A limited selection of templates and low customizability of said templates is a common problem of many other website builders, but it’s not the only problem with Wix in terms of templates.

Templates like the ones Wix offers are designed for mass appeal, for the broadest amount of users possible. Combine that with the fact that thousands of other people in your industry are using the same Wix template, and you get a very commonplace website, indistinguishable from others and with no unique touch.


Paying the Wix prices that are considered justified just because of the numerous templates they put on the table is not worth it because you can use some other website builder and choose between many more diverse templates.

With Wordpress, you can download both premium and free themes, many of them unique down to very specific niches. Get started with Be Theme and see how much of a difference a professional-looking and highly-customizable theme can make.

You don’t get much access to the technical bits of your site


You probably know how expandable WordPress is, and you can install most of the plugins for free and even customize the code for both themes and plugins.

Adding new functionalities to your website is a breeze in such a context, but when Wix limits you down to a few customizations it’s much more difficult to obtain your wanted results.

For instance, you can’t fully edit all the meta tags (some are managed exclusively by Wix) or the robots.txt file, which are paramount to controlling your site’s SEO.


The Wix prices you are required to pay for the services you get are not equitable because you are limited in terms of options.

You can’t reach technical settings that help with optimizing and managing your site properly, which will get frustrating at some point when you decide to go big. The website builder has improved in the past years, but it still doesn’t go past the limitations it initially set for its users.

It’s not SEO friendly


We’ve already mentioned the fact that some settings don’t allow you to optimize your site fully in terms of Search Engine Optimization, but let’s expand a bit on that.

Search engines generally see Wix 乐竞电竞 as one long page instead of multi-page 乐竞电竞 that are properly indexed by page. This, by itself, dramatically affects the way your website will show up on the search results page.

The number of keywords and pages you can rank for on Google or other search engines become far reduced by using this website builder, which means that you are paying the extra Wix prices for nothing at all.

This matters because each page of a website brings something new to it —a regular page where services are listed, a contact page where clients can interact with the site by using forms, a product page where products are listed, and so on.

When you are optimizing a website, you optimize each page for certain keywords, which is not efficient in the case of Wix sites because Google perceives the site as one block of contentonly —an aspect that severely limits your chance to rank up in the search result pages.


Wix is built on AJAX and that also comes with a couple of downsides that can affect the overall functionality and SEO of your website. When using Wix, each of your website’s URLs use a hashbang, which is formed by a hashtag and an exclamation mark.

This symbol makes each section (or “page”) canonical to your homepage, which causes search engines to believe that your website only contains multiple duplicates of your homepage.

Google is still working on understanding hashbangs, but it might take a while until it is implemented and you’re losing big traffic until then.

It’s not wholly appropriate for blogging


You may say that it is worth paying the current Wix prices if you’re just blogging and you’re a beginner in managing 乐竞电竞 because building a blog is hard. That’s not necessarily true either.

WordPress and other website builders might be a bit more complicated to use, but it’s not impossible to learn their ways without being a developer or tech wizard.


Wix fails to make the grade for how much it is charging, especially for blogging. With a WordPress theme and a handful of free plugins, you could be running a much more powerful and sophisticated blogging platform than with Wix, all at roughly the same level of ease.

Do the Wix prices justify what you get?

Now that you know more about the intricacies behind using this website builder, do you still think that the Wix prices are justified?Probably not, as far as your own ambitions are concerned.

It’s best to get informed about the alternative options you have, especially in terms of financial resources. Paying for a service that doesn’t give you the power you imagined can be frustrated.

If Wix does meet your expectations, then it’s fine to use it. But if the Wix prices seem a bit too much for what it gives back, tick the right boxes by using a different website builder. Making a good first step always dictates the rest of your journey, so make a wise choice!

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