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Choosing a reliable host is an important step if you want to build your own website. In fact, it’s the very first step along with deciding on a domain name and a website platform (hint, hint, WordPress...). But how do you pick a host when every other review blogger is biased toward one host or another?

For a neutral choice, it’s of more value to list up the pros and cons of the hosting providers available to us. That’s what we users want to read. Let’s do this for two excellent web-hosting providers, and compare them: SiteGround vs InMotion.

It will be a tough nut to crack. For each one of us, there is that one feature or asset that may look insignificant to others, but which will make you shout Eureka!

In this article, we’ll help you with all the questions you want answered about InMotion vs.SiteGround so you can get started with your website!

SiteGround. Tell me more about them…


SiteGround, founded in 2004, has data centers around the world. It is a top player in the field of international website hosting providers.

Because they are so established, they can boast high-quality innovation and stay on top of the latest technologies with:

  • Memcached
  • HTTP/2 and QUIC
  • PHP7
  • SSD drives
  • Free CDN with Cloudflare
  • SiteGround’s custom SuperCacher technology

They are proud of their service, and they have all the right to be since users hail the fast support and personalized help.

Their website informs us they offer fast website performance — and they’re not joking. Their servers run on SSD disks and PHP 7 with OpCache. The static caching and free CDN service add to the performance.

More excellent features include:

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL and daily backups secure your data
  • Any plan you buy includes WordPress installation, plus WordPress support
  • Friendly site tools
  • Easy to transfer your existing domain to SiteGround
  • Collaboration tools and Git integration
  • Staging environment to test changes before going live
  • Reasonably priced domain registration
  • Handy domain management panel
  • DNS services

Why is SiteGround so popular among the WordPress community?


From the view of a user, I would say one feature stands out: the easy-to-use SuperCacher tool. Your website will be able to handle more visitors at one time, and still load fast when web traffic peaks.

WordPress bloggers love it, and SiteGround provides a free WordPress plugin (SG Optimizer) to help configure SuperCacher and other optimizations.

SiteGround also loves WordPress. They even have SiteGround WordPress ambassadors. Their goal is to help users to be more successful with WordPress.

WordPress itself recommends SiteGround. For reasons such as:

  • Great performance out-of-the-box and competitive pricing
  • SiteGround offers a lot of WordPress-specific plans
  • Automatic Wordpress setup and solid WordPress support
  • Tons of WordPress tutorials and user guides

It’s mutual love.

A word or two about InMotion


Looking for a website hosting solution and an easy website builder? InMotion can build a one-page WordPress website for you in 2 days — now that’s fast! This UK-based company from 2001, is one of the top leading web hosting providers. It’s easy to see why...

  • Sponsors many open source programs, e.g. WordPress, Joomla, b2evolution, PrestaShop, Magento
  • Max Speed Zones for faster performance
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Managed WordPress hosting with free CDN
  • Excellent customer service experience
  • Shared hosting for small businesses
  • VPS and dedicated hosting options
  • Category A, PCI compliant data centers
  • 99,9% network uptime
  • Since 2003 CNET has awardedInMotion a top rating

With great focus on managed WordPress hosting, InMotion overshadows many of its competitors who offer only generic hosting services.

SiteGround vs.InMotion: Let’s roll it out


InMotion’s starter plan for managed WordPress hosting starts at $6.99per month if you pay for two years, and $8.99 if you only pay one year in advance.

SiteGround starts at only $3.95 per month for WordPress hosting, but takes you to a heftier$11.95 if you opt for the GoGeek plan with premium features.

SiteGround can be cheaper to start with, but if you need that extra storage space, InMotion is more affordable on the higher-tier plans.

Let’s compare performance:

In an age of impatience, being fast is a must. According to testing done by The Hosting Institute, SiteGround’s server response times are ever-so-slightly slower than InMotion, however the difference is negligible. As in, your visitors won’t notice.


Also, their uptime is great. Both hosting providers promise 99.9% availability, and both achieve this level of uptime with no problems.

From the InMotion Business class plan on you can enjoy the Max Speed Zone option, which adds to the speed. That’s a bonus point.

How about support?


Disaster can strike at any moment. Thus, you will want good, professional, fast reacting customer support.

Thankfully, both companies are aces in this department and advertise this with enthusiasm. There is not much in separating them. If we need to pick a winner, it’s SiteGround.

The response time of Inmotion service is less than 5 minutes. SiteGround agents react within seconds. On top of that, we are talking about 24/7 live support. Email, live chat, support tickets...All flexible enough to agree with even the most impatient of customers.


What else is important to you? Coverage, right. SiteGround is expanding its data centers and has footprints in the US, the UK, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. We can conclude that SiteGround’s provided accessibility is awesome. InMotion, on the other hand, are primarily US-based.

SiteGround vs. InMotion: Pros and Cons

We are optimistic people, aren’t we? So, for which one we can make a longer pros list? Let’s see...

Good things about SiteGround hosting are:

  • Customer support is 24/7
  • Fast SSD drives
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Staging Environment
  • In Top 3 providers recommended by WordPress
  • Free auto daily backups
  • Upfront pricing
  • Free Website Migrations
  • 9% uptime
  • Daily Backups

And good things about InMotion hosting are:

  • Max Speed Zone technology
  • Well-trained customer support
  • Fast SSD drives
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Business Class Hardware
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Free domain
  • Free site transfer
  • FREE 1-click installers
  • 9% uptime

Eh? In balance again. It’s a matter of preference and needs —so much is clear. Okay, fair enough. It’s SiteGround vs.InMotion. What are some negatives, then?

SiteGround negatives:

  • With SiteGround,managed hosting features only come with GoGeek or GrowBig plans. These are the more expensive plans
  • There is a Setup fee for monthly billing
  • The renewal is costly
  • Not as many ‘freebies’compared to InMotion

InMotion negatives:

  • Transferring from another web host to InMotion Hosting takes some time
  • Compared to SiteGround there are less help and support features
  • InMotion Hosting has affordable plans. But if we compare their unlimited plans to other shared hosting providers... They are somewhat more expensive
  • The discount on the cheapest plan is only available if you pay for 2 years. This may be rather expensive for new 乐竞电竞

None of the listed cons in the debate SiteGround vs.InMotion should scare you. Even the last one about InMotion will not cost a fortune. The SiteGround fee isn’t a drama. Sometimes it’s good to be a little patient. To make a long story short, the good things about both hosting providers are immense.

One more thing: InMotion hosting reviews CNET


Trustworthy reviews are a deciding factor in your choice of product. If there is one site we should consult it’s CNET. Per year CNET reviews more than 4300 products.

According to CNET InMotion hosting deserves a top rating. If you are still not sure about InMotion vs.SiteGround... CNET calls the 90-day money-back guarantee a winner. Hence, plenty of time to test it out. Keep that in mind.

Holding onto your money may be an important factor. SiteGround’s hosting costs will triple after the first year. As soon as their discounted price leaves the premises through the back door. Small, light colored print isn’t transparent in this case.

InMotion’s price tag will also increase, but won’t double or triple the rate you paid when you first signed up. There is a good chance you can get a $10 discount before you buy the 2-year plan. Yes, to opt for the launch plan advertised as $6.39 per month, you need to prepay 2 years. To get this reduction, click the Sales Chat button to talk to an agent before you place your order.

Many hosting providers aren’t transparent when it comes to their pricing. Don’t let that be a shocker.


In the InMotion review, you will find a link that will take you to an in-depth review and hands-on testing by zdnet.com. In the title, ZDNet calls InMotion a capable provider. And also mentions the 90-day guarantee. Very important indeed.

What about SiteGround? For small businesses, SiteGround may be your choice. Especially if your web needs exceed those of most businesses and personalized WordPress help is a priority.

Conclusion on SiteGround vs.InMotion: So which one?

We need to pick one out of the two: SiteGround vs. InMotion. Well, if only it were as easy as a single sentence because it depends on what you want to do with your website.

Want to be a blogger on your WordPress site? Slight advantage SiteGround. WordPress is SiteGround’s biggest fan. CNET’s opinion on InMotion in this respect? They underline the availability of WordPress support with integrated WP-CLI.

Are you keen on starting an online business or going online with your existing business? Then InMotion is a good choice. CNET rates InMotion very high. Keep in mind though that CNET isn’t negative about SiteGround for businesses, although they do take issue with increasing costs. With the GrowBig plan, you can keep using SiteGround as long as you can afford it, no matter how much you grow as a business.

Besides some minor hiccups, both providers are top-notch and your decision, either way, should not hinder the ultimate success of your website. Still, there are other options out there, like Nestify, for example, who provides high performance Managed WordPress Hosting .

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