May 6, 2019

How to Reset WordPress Quickly and With No Drama

Desc If you’re building a WordPress website and you need to start over for whatever reason but keep your chosen theme and plugins intact, a WordPress database reset may be just the ticket. Resetting the database allows you to remove all your settings, users, and uploaded content so that you […]
April 17, 2019

The types of 乐竞电竞 that you can design and tips to do that

As you browse online, you will notice that there are many types of 乐竞电竞 . It is estimated that up to 380 new types of 乐竞电竞 are generated every minute. Every second, more than six web portals are visited.
April 16, 2019

WordPress eCommerce plugins you should consider for your online shop

Desc Many small businesses have chosen WordPress as their platform for creating their online store. It has become the go-to platform for this purpose because it has hundreds of plugins that make it easy to setup and start selling. If you want to have an online shop and you know […]
April 15, 2019

Website footer examples that should inspire you

Desc Website footer is an integral part of any website, but it is often overlooked during development. Upon reaching the footer, a visitor will decide whether your site is interesting or not. Since it is basically at the end of your website, having a good footer design might make all […]
April 12, 2019

How to duplicate a page In WordPress: Easy to follow guide

Desc You just finished writing a post and publish it. Next, you check everything and realize you need to make some alterations. However, will the changes work? What if you prefer the way it was before? In case this happens, you better save a copy or duplicate what you already […]
April 11, 2019

The new website launch checklist you should go through

Desc Taking your website online for the first time can be quite exciting. You have probably spent hours and hours working on it with your developer and now the time has come. However, not planning properly the new website launch almost always means that there could be some issues you […]
April 10, 2019

How to fix the HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress

Desc When we work online, we can expect a variety of errors and problems that can turn out to be a real headache. We know all about that! From connectivity problems to deadly errors that can block everything, you better learn all the WordPress hacks. One of the most common […]
April 9, 2019

How to add a favicon to your WordPress website easily

Desc Your website can stand out from others with little details that make all the difference. Something like a WordPress favicon. A favicon is a favorite icon in case you are wondering. Remember all those little icons on your browser’s favorite menu? Those are favicons, small images that represent your […]
April 8, 2019

What’s the best podcast WordPress theme out there? Let’s look at the options

Desc Podcasts have become quite popular recently. They have proven to be a great way to connect with the target audience, to increase brand awareness or just provide value to listeners. Because of this, there are now lots of WordPress themes created especially for publishing podcasts. The topic of your […]
April 5, 2019

The best FTP client for Mac? It’s among this handpicked selection

Desc If you need to transfer files between two devices, FTP is the most used method. In order to survive online, you need a good FTP client. All the files you ever upload pass on the application. The job will get done even if you have a bad application, but […]
April 4, 2019

Web design best practices you must take into consideration

Desc In the last few years, the focus of online businesses has shifted to lowering the bounce rate and enhancing user experience. There are lots of changes going on all the time on the web, so it is a good idea to check the latest trends before you start a […]
April 2, 2019

WordPress alternatives to consider if you don’t think the CMS fit for you

Thanks to the creation of Content Management Systems (or CMS) it has never been easier to have your own website. CMS enables people who don’t know how to code to start publishing content, to add functions and install different themes. At the moment, the most popular CMS in the world […]
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